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bella wagner‘s plastic city information project is meant
to connect people in hopes of raising awareness for
a very important issue. it is a reminder to everyone
that we are living in the age of plastic, and that it
is high time to rethink our attitudes and ways. we who
live in the industrialized nations owe it to the rest
of the world,to all future generations and to our planet
and environment.we need to live up to our responsibility!

"we are drowning in plastic – plastic is making us sick. we
MUST free the world from the poison of plastic,
and this is
what I am advocating." (Statement Bella Wagner)

cooperation with int. Docu >>PLASTIC PLANET (Werner Boote)


 BELLA WAGNER  >>  an artist with a strong sense of responsibility.
her song (plastic city) emphasizes the drastic consequences that
accompany  the massive overuse of plastic.
this explains why the singer-songwriter is doing everything within
her power to raise awareness for using plastic more responsibly
but also for finding environmentally sustainable alternatives.


 PLASTIC CITY >>   a place without natural life. plastic has
“wrapped its way” around every human being, plant and animal
on the planet, and plastic particles can be found in our water
and air. plastic is everywhere! it’s already in our food, and
hormone mutated human beings continue to dump mountains
of plastic into our natural environment. YOU CAN STOP IT  -  NOW!





















written by Martin Holter, Bella Wagner
produced by  >> Martin Holter / Synthome Records


 Management  //  Wolfgang Kosmata




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